On Track - Peter Gabriel
every album, every song

A new book that looks in detail at the solo career of seminal rock musician, Peter Gabriel.  From his first recordings after leaving Prog-giants, Genesis through his global mega-hits of the mid-1980s to his most recent recording - a song for Oliver Stone's film 'Snowden'.  If you love these albums On Track gives you the excuse to revisit them with the chance to discover more about the origins of the songs and the cultural importance as well as all-important rock music trivia.


SonicBond Publishing is pleased to announce a brand new book by Graeme Scarfe.  After many years away from writing musical criticism - an example of his earliest writings are included in the book for historical curiosity - Graeme has returned with a bang!

Lovingly researched, On Track is a book that spans the decades of Peter Gabriel's solo career and considers the studio albums, the film soundtracks, the live albums and more.  It is a must for any fan and casual reader alike interested in the stories and meanings behind some of rock musics greatest songs.

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